Yoga at Work
4204 1/2 Roland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21210
Phone: (410) 243-5900
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  • Stress Reduction

  • Super Cost Effective Prevention Program

  • Reduces Absenteeism

  • Reduces Turnover

  • Reduces Medical Office Visits

  • Improves Decision Making

  • Improves Productivity

  • Improves Teamwork

  • Improves Creativity

  • Promotes Personal Responsibility

Stress Management is Smart Business

STRESS AT WORK costing you a fortune!! Experts say billions of dollars are lost through absenteeism, turnover and reduced productivity and that 80% of all illness and 60% - 90% of all doctors visits are due to stress.

YOGA AT WORK ..... is a very cost effective solution. Experts agree that yoga addresses the needs of the total person, mind/body/spirit, and supports a sustainable practice which promotes optimal health, harmony and performance.

YOGA AT WORK is a nationwide resource for bringing quality yoga programs to your employees, clients or members. We compliment existing wellness, prevention, stress management and return to work programs.

Our R&D group has designed specific yoga programs for target populations, the workplace, the elderly, for schools and institutions. Yoga can be done almost anywhere, the boardroom or the lunch room, and can be shared by people of many fitness levels. Many office programs at lunch are designed to be done without sweating, in your work clothes, without rushing to shower.

YOGA AT WORK is the choice of many major corporations who know the benefits of yoga for stress management, prevention and wellness promotion. Join a rapidly growing list of major companies like Nike, HBO, Apple, Forbes, General Electric, PepsiCo and Chase Manhattan that rely on yoga to keep their employees health, happy, focused, fully engaged in their work.

YOGA AT WORK is building a national network of teachers and a staff that will manage every aspect of your onsite yoga programs to provide you both convenience and quality programming. Call or email us for more information now.

Office hours:
Monday through Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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